Here are some deliverables and what you can expect from our services.

Logo Designs

A Logo does something aside from looking pretty. We create logos depending on what our client wants. Clients will often provide us with a logo design brief on what they want and don't want in their logos, and then we go from there.

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Original Source Files sample

Original Source Files

Original Source Files, also known as Editable Files, are included with the Logo Image files (PNG/JPG). The source files usually come in .PSD, .AI, and/or .EPS files, depending on the program used to design the logo. This is important just in case the client wants to alter or redesign their logos in the future.

Logo Usage Guidelines

Logo usage guidelines are essential because they will guide you in dealing with the logo when used in various mediums. Logo usage guidelines usually include how it should be orientated, shape, colour, proportion, space, etc. This guide will improve the business marketing materials to have a more cohesive identity design when working with people inside and outside your organisation. Logo Usage Guidelines are part of the Business Package.

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Revisions sample


As designers, we understand revisions are necessary. It would be great to give you what you want on the first try, but realistically, a great logo will take several revisions to meet your expectations and vision. We are constantly pushing for quality and value for our clients. And so, we provide revisions with each of the services to make sure we are following the creative direction to get the logo you're looking for, even if you don't quite know what that is when we first start this process.

Logo Makeover

We can also redesign/edit your existing logo that needs improvement to turn it into something that can compete with today's industry standards.

Logo Makeover
Logo Makeover

Basic Services

We offer services if you only need minor logo design alterations, like removing existing logo backgrounds and vectorising existing logos!

Bee All Design

Do you need more than just a logo, or do you have more design work?

For a low monthly fee (you can sign up for one month or continue until you've completed everything you need creating), you can get a variety of design jobs completed, not just a logo. If you commission us to design your logo and then open a Bee All Design account, we will transfer all the files over to them so they can get started on your additional design needs immediately.

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