Here are some of the deliverables that will be included when you avail our services.

Logo Designs

Logos do something aside from looking pretty. We create logos depending on what our client wants. Most of the time, clients would provide us with logo design brief on what they want and don’t want in their logos and then we go from there.

Logo Design sample
Original Source Files sample

Original Source Files

Original Source Files, also known as Editable Files are included together with the Logo Image. These usually comes in .PSD, .AI, and/or .EPS files depending on the program used to design the logo. This is important just in case the client wants to alter or redesign their logos in the future.

Logo Usage Guidelines

Logo usage guidelines is very important because it will serve as a guide on how to properly play around with the logo when used in various mediums. Logo usage guidelines usually includes on it’s orientation, shape, color, proportion, space and many more. Having this guide will improve a business’ marketing materials to have a more cohesive identity design.

Logo Usage Guidelines sample
Revisions sample


As designers, we completely understand that revisions are necessary. We want to always be pushing for quality and value. And so we provide limited revisions for the services we do to make sure we are following the creative direction our client desires.

Bee All Design

Need more than just a logo, or have more design work you need doing?

For a low monthly fee (you can sign up for one month or ongoing until you have everything you want creating) and get many design jobs done, not just a logo. If you are getting us to design your logo and then sign up for a Bee All Design account, we will transfer all the files over to them, so they are ready to get going on your additional design needs.

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