Logo Stories

Here are some of the featured projects we did for our trusted clients.

Logos.ph background image


Logos.ph is a company that provides wide-range of types of logos depending on the needs and wants of clients/businesses. So we wanted a logo that’s universal enough that’s not look like it caters/focuses on a specific design of logos. also simple enough to make it easy to recognize and memorable.

Logos.ph sample logo

The Sketch/Idea

We usually start designing by scribbling ideas especially if our client doesn’t have a specific direction in mind. In this case, since this is our own logo, we can set our own limitations and directions in order to make our workflow as focused as possible.

Since our company’s goal is to create any logos our clients can think of, we need to have a logo that’s ABSTRACT ENOUGH FOR IT TO BE VERSATILE, and SIMPLE ENOUGH TO BE MEMORABLE.

The Sketch/Idea of Logos.ph

Here are the final 3 selections that we came up in their black and white versions.

As we can see, we used TM symbol but that’s out of the picture since there are logos that uses R instead of TM when they are registered. But we liked the letter O used as a design element together with the wordmark. So we came up with several ideas that incorporate a circle and a letter inside to reference a trademark symbol without actually using the trademark symbol itself.

Let me explain these final 3 directions that we picked from a number of drafts that we have done. The 1st direction got some things that we like. for example, the 2nd letter O as a design element which is the TM symbol. but as I have said, We can’t use that so we did a little magic to revise that element without using the TM symbol. Also we are using the whole LOGO.PH as a brand name so a superscript .ph wont work. The 2nd direction on the other hand, is the closest thing we got to the final logo. It still has the letter O as a design element (to be revised). and has the .PH the same size as the rest of the wordmark.

The 3rd one was the one that’s been scratched out entirely but that’s where we got the idea to replace the TM symbol. The solid circles with the letters inside are supposed to look like individual logos but it looks like there’s so much happening, that’s why we scratched it out.

The Final Result

Here’s the Final Logo that we came up. So what we have done is that we took the 2nd direction idea above with it’s workmark form which is LOGOS.PH and replacing the Letter O TM symbol element to the solid circle. The great thing about the solid circle element is that not only it represents logos. we can also use it as patterns and brand elements due to it’s simple form that makes it repeatable/reusable.

Letter O (Solid Circle) used in different applications.
The Final Result of Logos.ph
As a design element.
As a design pattern.
Can be played around in different themes.
The Final Result of Logos.ph

At the end, we made a SIMPLE, MEMORABLE logo that we love and represents what we do and we provide as a company. I hope you enjoyed reading our workflow on this particular project. Cheers!

Food Tours Japan Logo
Food Tours Japan background image
Food Tours Japan Logo

Food Tours
Japan Brief

Food Tours Japan’s objective is to be the #1 brand/website for tourists/travellers who are interested in food and drink experiences in Japan. Below is the logo brief sent by the client and will be the basis of our design process. To summarize, the Logo should be simple enough to be memorable, Symbolizes Japan as a whole, and modern enough to be relevant in the industry.

I have some ideas about what (I think!) I’d like, however, I want to start from scratch. I could send you some examples of logos I don’t and don’t like but will hold back for now. There’s lots more I could have added to this brief, but I’m going to keep it in!

Design Style

Stylish - I want to create a premium and distinct brand identity (extremely important!)
Contemporary Japanese-style (from a Japanese and Western perspective of Japan)
Authoritative ( Food Tours Japan is #1 destination for food-related experiences in Japan
Design element and title (main logo for website)
Simple, crisp and elegant
Design element must communicate clearly on its own (used in social media etc.)
The font must be modern and elegant (tricky! I’ve done loads of research to try and find something modern looking with a hint of Japan)

Colours: I’ve used a colour from ‘Colours of Japan’ for the hypertext links and buttons on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_colors_of_Japan White (see below website integration) and colour version
Horizontal shape - unless you think a badge/square style could fit into the top navigation bar?

Food Tours Japan sample logo

The Sketch/Idea

As usual, we started to sketch multiple drafts based on the client’s brief and slowly narrow them down to to the ones we think that looks good and made the most sense in regards with the client’s branding. We used Red as the main color since the client let us pick and it is almost understandable that Red is part of Japan’s flag and culture. And since the brand has something to do with food, we decided to use bowl as an element and chopstick in parallel position since crossing chopsticks is a Don’t in japanese culture.

The Sketch/Idea of Food Tours Japan

Here are some of the final drafts that we have came up with. We liked the use of the red sun , the bowl and chopstick elements. He also said he loved the use of negative space on the red sun in order to show the shape of the chopstick and the bow. and so we continued to create variation and design the final logo that will really make this branding come together.

The Final Result

Here’s the Final Logo that we came up. So what we have done is that we used the final symbol we design on one of the final draft that our client liked and used a san serif font and modified the letter “j” so that it’s tail looks shorter and have a little bit of a japanese character feel to it. just a little bit.

The Final Result of Food Tours Japan

At the end, the client was really happy with the final outcome of the logo. and as you can see, It really works well in dark and bright backgrounds. Also, that client says that the bowl gives the illusion of a happy face which really fits with what he was going for with his brand’s atmosphere.

I think we can call this a success! :)

Charlton Weddings Logo
Charlton Weddings background image
Charlton Weddings Logo

Weddings Brief

Charlton Weddings is a brand-new wedding venue near Malmesbury that hosts bespoke celebrations for couples who dream of something a little different. Below is the logo brief sent by the client. We planned to have a more elegant, intimate, and a bit classy approach together with the details the client asked below.

I need a logo for a new wedding venue that we are opening. Its in Charlton Estate house, we want a tree and maybe the name underneath (feel free to play around) but the tree is key.

Be good to get some in colour, Monochrome, some with just a little bit of colour. its more middle to high end.

Charlton Weddings title needs to be included, italics are nice but can be dated, nothing too bold.

Charlton Weddings sample logo

The Sketch/Idea

Since the client wants a tree as the main object of the logo, We started sketching for multiple trees in different styles. from minimalist to abstract. Keeping in mind that the company deals with weddings, we had narrowed the the styles that will only fit in perfectly with the business, disregarding the over-the-top, multiple colored and cartoonish styles.

The Sketch/Idea of Charlton Weddings

Here are some of the final drafts that we have came up with. The client picked 2 of the trees above because they said they liked a simple tree image. They are leaning towards the right one but they asked us to make the leaves a little bit more fuller. And so we followed that and came up with the tree image on the bottom. they seemed to be happy about it.

The Final Result

Here’s the Final Logo that we came up. we chose the wheat-ish/gold-ish color to give it a feel of warmth, comfort and luxurious feel that goes well with what wedding is about. it’s a once in a lifetime event that will change their life and it wouldn’t have to be overwhelming. At the end, the client was really happy with the final outcome of the logo.

The Sketch/Idea of Charlton Weddings
Deposit Claims Logo
Deposit Claims background image
Deposit Claims Logo

Deposit Claims

Sometimes, Logo briefs can be informal and simple. especially when a client already knows what they want to get. Just like this one. This is also a good thing since we can go straight to designing with the client’s preference in mind.

So basically the things we took note is that it should have a Vibrant/Retina Burning Color Combos, and It has something to do with Money.

DepositClaims needs fresh branding/Logo. Colour Scheme I think something really vibrant and celebratory as this is a HELL YEAH I’M ENTITLED TO SOME MONEY website.

I do love retina burning colour combo's :) Needs to appeal to both men and women tho so not neon pink lol

Deposit Claims sample logo

The Sketch/Idea

Since the Color scheme is already given to us, that would be the least of the problems. We should first thing about the general form and shape of our logo.

So I asked the owner regarding the company and what they do and he said “DepositClaims is for people to claim compensation if the deposit they paid for their rented property has not been protected properly.”

Basically, DepositClaims has something to do with Real Estate, Money, and Security.

The Sketch/Idea of Deposit Claims

With these 3 things in mind. I started sketching until I came up with the shapes I am happy with the most.

Since it has something to do with money, real estate and security, first things that came to my mind is the symbol of currency, In this case, Pound, and a home which best represents real estate. I then tried to incorporate these into each other.

What I did with the Pound sign is that I tried to manipulate the shape so that It looks minimalistic enough to have a simple shape and make it look like a door. I then incorporate it into the simple house shape. I made the corners rounded instead of sharp just to make the overall feel of the logo friendly. Rounded corners just makes it more comfortable and secure.

That’s basically the general look of the logo. I just made a solid shape version aside from the outline version since the client wants options within a similar idea.

I picked this particular gradient color since the client likes strong bright colors and i think this color looks a bit playful but still feels safe and secure which is the effect of color blue.

The Final Result

The Final Result of Deposit Claims logo

Here’s the Final Logo that we came up. There are some revisions on the typeface being used but overall, the client really loved it. We hope you enjoyed reading our design process. Not all logos really have the same workflow but we always try our best to deliver the best logos that makes our clients happy and that best represents their company/business.