I’m Marlon!

I am a Graphic Designer and a co-founder of Logos.ph. I specialise in logo and identity designing, and I have been designing for over five years. The great thing about creating a logo mark is becoming a part of the process of something great.

The logo is a big part of a business's image. It serves as the face of the company, and it is the first thing customers think of when hearing a company's name. Being involved in the process of creating somebody's brand identity based on their personality, vision, or what they believe and stand for is the most satisfying achievement a designer could ever have.

Marlon, Graphic Designer from the Philippines
Clarke Duncan

Clarke Here!

I co-founded Logos.ph with Marlon to give businesses an affordable low-cost, high-value way to create their brand image. Marlon works with me at Bee All Design, the flat-rate graphic design service. You can get your logo and so much more designed here.

We noticed a market for people that needed the initial logo/brand to get them started, and after talking it over with Marlon, Logos.ph was born. You can now get access to high-quality professional logos for a fraction of the price.


Working on Bee All Design together

I (Marlon) currently work as a Design Manager at Bee All Design, and I have always been passionate about designing logos for our clients. I enjoy practising ideas and researching the latest trends around logos and branding in my free time. I loved getting involved with the process of designing the identity marks for businesses, whether it was for a client or my closest friends.

Thankfully, my clients appreciated the work I put into designing their logos. Clarke (the owner of Bee All Design) has seen my potential in doing this as a business apart from Bee All Design. Hence, we talked about it and came up with an idea to make a logo design service that could cater to small businesses, allowing them the opportunity to have a quality logo service without spending the kind of fees demanded by a big branding agency.

We know how hard it is to start a business. So many things to organise and get right. A lot of time goes into getting the delivery of the service correct, and it's understandable at the early stages that we tend to forget about the brand's identity. Getting the look right from the start is an essential aspect in any business but can be often overlooked, or if funds are tight, we make do with something that someone we know that is good at computers knocks up for us. Logos.ph is here to set this straight, with a modest cost to get a professional-looking logo. It's within everyone's grasp to portray a quality feel about their business from day one.

Our goal is to provide a limited range of quality services for small to medium-size companies and new businesses starting but cannot afford the premium price established companies can but still want to look like they had some budget left over for branding. Therefore, we came up with two great packages that would be perfect for many scenarios, and if you already have a logo but think it's time for a refresh, we have this covered as well.

What makes Logos.ph unique is that if you love our service and the design work, you can be reassured that the team behind this site can take things to the next level and deal with all your additional design needs over at Bee All Design. The quality of work will be on the same level, and as you only sign up on a monthly basis, you can order what you need, you don't need to worry about getting it right the first time as unlimited revisions for a flat monthly fee is what we do best.